the lady behind the camera

hi, i'm ivy

In hindsight, I should've known as a kid that I would be a photographer someday. I've always been fascinated with storytelling - all forms of storytelling. Growing up, I dabbled in writing, filming videos, and scrapbook-making. Even in family home videos, you can hear me asking for my turn with the camera.

I'm still a storyteller today - but I'm not just telling my own stories anymore. I'm not playing make-believe or gluing random things onto scrapbook pages. I get to be a part of real stories. I get to capture genuine emotions. I'm honored that people invite me into their lives, allow me to share in their stories, and choose me to document their most special of days. I truly believe part of my purpose in life is capturing joy and helping other people re-live their favorite parts of their life stories over & over again, and I'm so thankful that's exactly what my job allows me to do.

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i believe God gave me my business...


   ...because He wants me to glorify Him through photographing His beautiful creation. The joy you feel when you're anticipating graduation, when you walk down the aisle and join hands with your husband... I believe those are gifts from God. My ability to capture those moments? It's a gift from Him, too.

     But it's not just about the pictures. I get to serve you and your family during some of the biggest moments of your life, and I want to serve you with a smile on my face and the greatest amount of kindness I can possibly give you. I strive to be intentional in the planning process so I can serve you well on your wedding day or during your senior session. I want you to love your photos, but I want you to love your experience just as much. 

    My mission is to love my clients well, capture them beautifully, and bring glory to God in the process.


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meet the fam

You get two pics of us because that's how important these people are! My family is one of the most special things in my life. These people are my biggest supporters, most trusted advisers, and closest friends. They love me, challenge me, and pursue me. In the beach picture, you'll see me on the left, then my brother Si, my dad Derek, my brother Levi, my mom Christy, my brother Koby, and my sister Sophie. If you follow me on any social media you will probably see me post about them a lot - especially Sophie...she was my first model and still is my go-to gal! AND I'll probably talk about them when you meet me in person too. I just love them that much!

the people who keep me going