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Plan a Photo-Friendly Wedding | Timeline Suggestions

It’s no secret that wedding photos are invaluable. Once the day is over, they’re all you have left to remember it by. But how can you ensure you get the wedding photos of your dreams? Start by creating a photo-friendly wedding timeline. Ideally, your photographer should help you plan a timeline for the day. I […]

February 12, 2022


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How to Choose a Veil | A Photographic Guide

Long, short, or no veil at all? Lace detail, beading, or just plain? These questions are great starting points when you’re trying to choose a veil for your wedding day. If you’re hoping to figure out which veil is best for you, today’s your lucky day! It’s no secret I LOVE and appreciate a good […]

September 9, 2021

how to choose a veil ivy breanne photography


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How to Pick Outfits for Photos

You know the feeling. You booked a photo shoot and you’ve been super excited, but 24 hours before your session begins, you’re standing in front of your closet saying, “I have nothing to wear!” The reality is that plenty of amazing outfits are staring you right in the face, but the fear of picking the […]

September 17, 2019


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5 Tips for College Freshmen

Enjoy this picture of me and my freshman year roomie… I’m taking a break from my typical photo-blogging today because I really want to serve my clients. And a lot of my clients last year were high school seniors who are now getting ready to transition into college. For some people, that’s exciting. It’s the […]

August 9, 2018


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