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January 7, 2018

The Best of 2017

If you haven’t noticed, I’m apparently not too great at keeping up with this whole blog thing. It’s going to take a while for me to get in the habit of blogging sessions – if you’ve been keeping up, I only blogged two sessions this entire year (*face palm*). So for 2018, one of my goals is to become consistent with this blogging thing – and if I start slacking, you guys can feel free to hold me accountable and send me emails until I finally post something.

But one of the good things about not blogging all year is that this post has to be a good one… So without further ado, here are some of my favorite shots from 2017. And if you don’t want to take the time to look at each picture, there’s a thank you message at the bottom, so make sure you at least scroll down to read that. 😉

Connor Malone's First Snow Day

It started out with Connor Malone’s first real snow day… And just look at how precious this child is! I am so thankful for every chance I get to photograph him and his family because they are some of the sweetest people ever. Connor was adopted from Hong Kong and came home at the beginning of 2016, so this was his first time in the snow (that I know of, anyway). We got some of the cutest pictures from it! Snow sessions are my favorite because they are few and far between here in Tennessee, and I am so, so thankful for this one and how special this family and these images are to me.

Next, I returned to campus to start my second semester at Lee, and I got to take some cute photos of some cute friends before we officially started classes (and while there was still a teeny tiny bit of snow on the ground).

Then we did round two of Katelynn’s senior pictures, and I honestly really struggled to pick a favorite to share. I love them all so much!

And then came one of my favorite times of the year… Prom 😍

Isn’t my sister so stunning?! I can’t wait to do her prom 2018 pictures!

After prom, my first semester of college was over (hallelujah!) and I spent the summer doing what I love: taking photographs. I hope you enjoy scrolling through some of my favorite shots from this summer.

August finally rolled around, and it was back to school for me… But not before meeting sweet Bentley for his first birthday pictures. Seriously, all the heart eyes for this kid. He is precious.

And let’s not forget all the seniors I had the privilege of photographing this fall. Seriously, you guys are all models. Like seriously. I can’t get over how gorgeous the class of 2018 is.

To start wrapping this post up – you know I had to save the best for last – let’s take a look at some of my favorite wedding shots from this year! This year was my first year taking on multiple weddings, so the world of wedding photography is still relatively new to me. But I enjoy it so much. Thank you to everyone who trusted me to capture the most special of days for you this year! Now, let’s reminisce, shall we?

What an honor it was to photograph my sweet neighbors, Heath + Nancy’s wedding in June.

And in September, I had the privilege of photographing Caleb + Kendra’s gorgeous wedding at Hiwassee River Weddings and Events.

And finally in October, I had the opportunity to photograph Zach + Julia’s lovely wedding at Pleasant Hill Vineyards.

And to put the icing on the cake, I photographed my first proposal on Christmas Eve. My roomie is engaged! What a way to end the year, am I right?! Congratulations, Ella + Will!

All in all, 2017 was an incredible year for me. It was the first time I felt like a real photographer, all thanks to you guys. In 2016, when I first put my portfolio on Facebook and started learning all about taking and editing pictures, I had no idea how it would go. I honestly thought it would go nowhere, no one would take a chance on me, and I would eventually give up. But that’s not what happened. You all believed in me. You called me and emailed me and texted me and told me you wanted me to capture moments for you. And I started feeling kind of like a photographer, but I just felt like I wasn’t really there yet. But 2017 was different. In 2017, I felt my passion for photography grow stronger. I was able to shadow Abigail Bridges on a wedding day, and I served as a photography intern in the Office of Publications at Lee for Randi Vasquez . I developed stronger relationships with my clients, and I want nothing more than to grow and become an even better photographer and capture more first birthdays and proposals and weddings and everything in between. And I wouldn’t have realized this was my passion, I wouldn’t have listened to God calling me to follow this dream, if it weren’t for you. So to my clients, friends, family, everyone who’s “liked” or shared or commented on one of my photos – thank you. Thanks to you, I feel honored to call myself a photographer. Thanks to you, I’ve grown and felt the desire to grow and learn and become even better. To everyone who has believed in me, thank you. Here’s to 2018 and to all the years to come.