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September 3, 2020

Downtown Knoxville Senior Photos | Jocey

downtown knoxville senior photos

Jocey is a senior this year at Tellico Plains High School… So how did she end up in Downtown Knoxville for senior portraits? There’s a ton of beautiful scenery in Tellico, but that’s what you come to expect for a Tellico senior! Jocey said she didn’t know exactly what she wanted for her senior photos… just something different. We tossed around a few ideas before deciding on Downtown Knoxville… and I’m so glad this is where we ended up!

downtown knoxville senior pictures

We started out in the little park area beside Market Square. Jocey mentioned both a downtown area and a garden as potential locations… and you can accomplish a “garden” look in this part of the square if you know how! For example…

downtown knoxville senior photos

You’d never know we were in Market Square from the photo on the left! And I love it! Now Jocey has some photos that look more like she had a garden location AND a downtown location. Downtown Knoxville senior sessions are some of my favorites because of the area’s versatility & all the different looks we can accomplish.

downtown knoxville senior session
downtown knoxville senior photos

But this blog post isn’t just about the diversity of a Downtown Knoxville senior session… This is also about Jocey and what a beautiful, sweet human she is! I don’t think there was even a moment of awkward silence between us. We talked and laughed the whole time we were walking & shooting!

Something that’s been on my heart lately is the way students are adapting to a new kind of school, especially the Class of 2021. These seniors watched as the class before them lost out on some of their long-awaited “lasts”… I think that would make walking into their own senior year feel very uncertain, when usually it’s exciting!

downtown knoxville senior pictures

When I asked Jocey how she was adapting to all the changes, she said she’s glad to be back at school even though things are different from normal. She plays softball & volleyball and told me it’s been a challenge to adapt to the new regulations. Despite everything though, she’s glad that she’s getting to have her senior sports season!

Jocey… you are gorgeous!

I send out a questionnaire to my seniors when they book me so I can get to know them better & personalize their experience a little more. One of the questions asks about what they do in their free time… Jocey had a variety of answers, but “Sonic” stood out to me. I have SO many memories of going to Sonic with my friends in high school! I’m glad to know this is normal… but also why is this a thing?! Thinking back, it’s such a good hangout spot… and seeing her response seriously gave me flashbacks 😂

downtown knoxville senior photos

Okay, now we’re moving on to my FAVORITE outfit of this shoot… her cheetah print dress!! So adorable!

And when you choose Downtown Knoxville for senior photos (or any photos), you HAVE to get the iconic Tennessee Theatre sign in the background! I can’t wait until it’s open again 😭

downtown knoxville senior photos
downtown knoxville senior pictures

My favorite thing about dresses… you can twirl in them! This dress not only looks great on Jocey, but she’s posing like a legit model.

downtown knoxville senior photos
downtown knoxville senior pictures

In her questionnaire, Jocey described herself as very easygoing and laid back. She wasn’t kidding! She was so willing to do anything I asked her to & I could tell she was enjoying herself the whole time we were taking photos. That’s always one of my main goals, so seeing Jocey genuinely smile and laugh throughout this session was amazing!

downtown knoxville senior photos

Also, this girl can ROCK some mom jeans. I have been hesitant to join this trend, but seeing her rock these jeans encouraged me. Maybe I’ll buy a pair later. She told me this is her everyday look, and I was glad she got to incorporate it into her session!

downtown knoxville senior pictures
market square senior photos


Jocey, you are stunning in every sense of the word. I am so grateful for the time I spent getting to know you! Your senior session was like a breath of fresh air, and these beautiful images are proof of that! Enjoy every moment of your (very unique) senior year. I truly believe you’ll overcome this pandemic’s adversity and accomplish incredible things. I can’t wait to see where God takes you!

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